About Us

AWLCMC History

The AWLCMC (Acappella Worship Leaders & Choral Music Conference) was originally organized in the late 80's/early 90's under the leadership of Ken Reed of Cincinnati, OH. Singers, song leaders, and choral directors of the churches of Christ gathered in various cities across the country to learn what was required to excel in the music ministry. When the conference disbanded after the late 90's, Bro. Harold Robinson and Sister Terri Jackson-Miller decided to reorganize the conference in Memphis, Tennessee in 2005. The vision of Harold and Terri was to bring together a group of successful and skilled music ministry leaders to share their gift with singers who were eager to take their respective ministries to the next level in Christ. Since it's reorganization, AWLCMC has hosted conferences in Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas. Many of todays most anointed and gifted ministry leaders from across the country have convened to share their love of the music ministry and impart their vast knowledge. Uninhibited praise and worship is the goal and each conference offers "nuggets" to assist those who work tirelessly in their local congregations and the communities in which they serve so selflessly. 

Executive Members

The Acappella Worship Leaders & Choral Music Conference's Executive Committee comprised of the following ministry leaders: Terri Jackson-Miller (President), Harold Robinson (Executive Director), Kenneth Collins (Host Chairperson-Arkansas/National), Beverly Bradley (Executive Secretary), Robert Guy (Executive Musical Director), and Kim Collins (Director of Registration/Hospitality).