Terri Jackson
Terri V. Jackson, a native of Memphis, Tennessee is currently residing in Mesquite, Texas and is a member of the Central Pointe Church of Christ under the leadership of Dr. Rodney Dulin. Terri began her passion for singing at a very young age by singing for the people in her Memphis neighborhood. Many were amazed at the vocal range she possessed as a little girl. Terri continued to sing in church with her siblings and expressed her love for all genres of music. In 1978, Terri moved to Dallas, Texas and continued singing in middle school choir, high school choir for a brief time and singing where and when she had the opportunity. In 1986, Terri was baptized at the Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ, under the leadership of the late Grover C. Washington. Terri wanted to sing, so at that time, she began singing with the Marsalis Avenue Senior Chorus under the direction of the late CR Langley. Terri has a love for the senior saints and felt she fit right in with the hard fighting soldiers she met in the chorus. Terri fell in love with the melodic acappella singing that she heard and traveled and enjoyed meeting many saints across Texas. During her time at Marsalis Avenue, Terri met and befriended the new choir director Clifford Mills and was asked by Mills to become a part of the newly formed youth chorus, Acappella Alliance. During her time in Acappella Alliance, Terri was blessed to travel across the country singing with the group and quickly became one of the choir’s featured vocalists. Terri has worked with the church for over 25 years with the following groups: Acappella Alliance (Associate Director), Inspirational Voices Youth Chorus (Directress) and Dallas West COC Adult Chorus (Assistant Director), South Parkway East Adult Chorus (Directress), the Emerald City Singers (Directress), and currently a Praise Leader and Associate Choir Director at Central Pointe COC.

Whether singing at the bedside of someone battling and illness or singing before thousands, Terri counts it a privilege to do what the Lord has blessed her to do in His name. Terri is highly sought after for ladies lectureships, church musicals and anniversaries, minister appreciations, local, community, and civic events. Teri also worked closely with the Memphis Music Commission under Johnnie Walker and Dwayne Matthews for such events as Memphis Music Mondays, Memphis Trolley Unplugged, and Women Who Jam for Christ. Terri completed her debut CD “Finally” in 2011 and has been invited across the country to sing the praises of the Lord Jesus Christ and share her testimony through her CD. Terri has teamed up once again with Gerald Burnett (GNote Studios) to complete her sophomore project, “From Valley to Victory” with a projected release date of spring of 2016. Terri states that she is blessed to be a blessing and believes that when the praises are sincerely going up to the Lord, many, many, blessings will come down.

Terri Vanessa Jackson-Miller
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